Yuri Kiyoshi is the older brother of Hikari Kiyoshi. His Beyblade is named Shadow.

Yuri Kiyoshi

Japanese name:

Yuri Kiyoshi

English Dub Name:

Luke Withingale




Shadow, Shadow Abyss


Hikari Kiyoshi (younger sister, alive)


Hikari Kiyoshi, Kyoya Tategami, Matsuri Tategami, Ryuga, Homura


Member of team Creperum

First Anime Appearance:

Beyblade: Metal Masters Episode 20


Chihiro Suzuki (Japanese) Yuri Lowenthal (Dub)


Personality-wise, Yuri comes across as sarcastic and cynical, possibly due to the way he and his little sister were treated by their parents. He seems to enjoy teasing others, especially Homura and Ryuga, although he does develop a strong bond of friendship with the former, becoming something of an older brother figure. He is an empathic young man who prefers to solve smaller problems from individuals rather than the larger, more political ones. Also stated by his little sister Hikari, he has "no understanding of female psychology".



Metal MastersEdit

Yuri went to Ryuga and Homura to form a team for the championship. Homura had decided to already join him saying he was strong enough for acknowledgement. Yuri however had two puproses to make this team. Ryuga came into the team after he agreed on some terms with Yuri. And that´s when they formed team Creperum



Shadow is the bitbeast inside Yuri's beyblade.


Japanese Name:


English Translation:


English Dub Name:


First Appearance (Anime):

Metal Masters: Episode 22

Shadow is the Spirit of Darkness. He appeares first simply as a shadow made from darkness, but later he got the appearance of a humanoid made of darkness and a warrior.

Shadow is opposed by Luna, the Summon Spirit of Light, that is the beyblade of Hikari Kiyoshi.

Base Attacks:Edit

'Dash Counter (ダッシュカウンター Dasshukauntaa): This is were Shadow spins super fast, and comes dark aura around to protect itself, in response to a charging oppenent.

Banishment (バニッシュメント Banisshumento): Shadow knocks his oppenent into the air with dark spikes before piercing him with lances of energy.


  • Yuri is seen in a Metal Fusion epsiode, where you could only catch a glimps of him, and that os after he smiles when Hikari had made friends.
  • Yuri is also seen in a Metal Fusion Episode where Hikari show's a picture, however his face couldn't been seen on it.
  • All members of team Creperum are dark types, the reason why the team was named Creperum is because the word Creperum means Darkness in Latin.


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